Toltec is a community-maintained repository of free software for the reMarkable tablet.

Install Toltec#

⚠️ Warning: Toltec only supports OS builds between and You will soft-brick your device if you install on an unsupported version. See https://remarkable.guide/tech/recovery.html for information on how to recover your device if you have done this.
For more information on the current status of 3.4 support, see toltec-dev/toltec#859. For a detailed list of the supported OS versions, see the compatibility table.

To install Toltec, connect your reMarkable to Wi-Fi and paste the following lines in an SSH session:

wget http://toltec-dev.org/bootstrap
echo "b87a085485404d2b000418b8ad44b52edd0293721f61427f2e427555ce9c6975  bootstrap" | sha256sum -c && bash bootstrap

What Does Toltec Do?#

Toltec gives you access to all the packages from the Entware and Toltec repositories. Toltec keeps track of which apps you have installed and makes it easy to update or remove them.

Use the opkg command to add, remove, and update packages from the command line.

opkg update
opkg upgrade
opkg install <package>
opkg remove <package>
opkg info <package>

Or install nao to manage packages using a graphical interface.


Use the toltecctl command to manage your Toltec install.

toltecctl help
toltecctl reenable
toltecctl uninstall
toltecctl switch-branch testing

To seamlessly switch between apps, start by installing a launcher.

Browse Toltec packages Browse Entware packages

Frequently Asked Questions#

Where can I get help?

If you need help with Toltec or one of its packages, you can start a discussion on GitHub or join the reMarkable community on Discord. Please do not open issues to ask for help, as they’re used exclusively for package requests and bug reports.

Is this supported by reMarkable AS?

No, this is a community project.

Will this brick my reMarkable?

Probably not, but standard disclaimers apply.

Do you support reMarkable 2?

Yes, Toltec will automatically detect whether you are using a reMarkable 1 or 2, and install the required framebuffer dependencies.

Why doesn’t toltec support the latest OS version as soon as it comes out?

Some of our packages require new versions to properly support a new OS release. For the reMarkable 2, the display needs to be updated so that any application that uses the screen will work. Without this being updated, you’ll end up soft-bricking your device. Other packages like ddvk-hacks will just fail to install without having explicit support. Since this project is volunteer run, and we put things through a testing period before it can make it to stable, it can take a little while for us to catch up when new versions of the OS are being released.

Can I add __________ to Toltec?

We’re always open to adding new packages to the repository. You’ll find information about how to add a package in our contributing guide.

I found a vulnerability in Toltec or one of its packages, where can I report it?

To inform the Toltec maintainers about a security issue, please follow the security instructions.

Can I factory reset my reMarkable if I have toltec installed?

No, DO NOT factory reset your reMarkable if you have toltec installed. First uninstall toltec with toltecctl uninstall.

Why can’t I install toltec before my OS is supported?

Can I install toltec before my OS version is supported? on remarkable.guide has a good write-up on why.

Why doesn’t toltec support the beta OS versions?

Why doesn’t toltec support the beta OS versions? on remarkable.guide has a good write-up on why.

My reMarkable seems to have become unresponsive, how do I fix it?

If you can’t SSH in through USB (using IP, there are tools that can help you recover your reMarkable if it becomes unresponsive:

If you can SSH in through USB, the following may work:

rm /etc/systemd/system/xochitl.service.d/toltec-wrapper.conf
systemctl unmask sync.service || systemctl unmask rm-sync.service
systemctl disable --now manual-sync.service
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl reset-failed xochitl
systemctl restart xochitl