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Toltec Package Listing


Name Description Version License
fingerterm Terminal emulator with an on-screen touch keyboard 1.3.5-12 GPL-2.0-or-later
nao Nao Package Manager: opkg UI built with SAS 0.1.2-1 MIT
erode Task manager 2.1.2~1 MIT
rot Manage Oxide settings through the command line 2.1.2~1 MIT


Name Description Version License
fbink Print text and images to the framebuffer 1.23.1-3 GPL-3.0
dotnet-profile Default profile script to ensure that the .NET Core Command Line Interface runs properly 3.1.10-3 MIT
dotnet-host Generic driver for the .NET Core Command Line Interface 3.1.10-3 MIT
dotnet-sdk .NET Core SDK 3.1.10-3 MIT
dotnet-runtime .NET Core runtime 3.1.10-3 MIT
aspnet-runtime ASP.NET Core runtime 3.1.10-3 MIT
dotnet-targeting-pack .NET Core targeting pack 3.1.10-3 MIT
aspnet-targeting-pack ASP.NET Core targeting pack 3.1.10-3 Apache
netstandard-targeting-pack .NET Standard targeting pack 3.1.10-3 Apache
simple Simple app script for writing scripted applications 0.1.3-1 MIT
quickjs A small and embeddable Javascript engine 2020.11.08-1 MIT
libvncserver C libraries for implementing VNC servers or clients - server library 0.9.13-1 GPL-2.0-or-later
libvncclient C libraries for implementing VNC servers or clients - client library 0.9.13-1 GPL-2.0-or-later
libvncserver-dev C libraries for implementing VNC servers or clients - development files 0.9.13-1 GPL-2.0-or-later
rm2fb Interface to the reMarkable 2 framebuffer 1.0.1-1 MIT
rm2-suspend-fix Fix issue where suspend breaks networking on the reMarkable 2 0.0.0-2 MIT
tarnish Service managing power states, connectivity and buttons 2.1.2~1 MIT
appmarkable Front-end for apps that do not have a graphical user interface 0.0.0-9 MIT
reboot-guard Block systemd-initiated poweroff/reboot/halt until configurable condition checks pass 1.0.1-6 GPL-3.0
libdlib Toolkit for making machine learning and data analysis applications in C++ 19.21-1 BSL-1.0
libdlib-dev Toolkit for making machine learning and data analysis applications in C++ - development files 19.21-1 BSL-1.0


Name Description Version License
harmony Procedural sketching app 0.1.2-1 MIT
whiteboard-hypercard Real-time collaboration, drawing or whiteboarding 0.3.0-2 Apache-2.0


Name Description Version License
retris Tetris game 0.6.3-1 MIT
mines Mine detection game 0.1.2-1 MIT
chessmarkable Chess game 0.6.0-3 MIT
recrossable Solve crossword puzzles 0.0.0-5 GPL-2.0-or-later


Name Description Version License
draft Launcher which wraps around the standard interface 0.2.0-18 Apache-2.0
remux Launcher that supports multi-tasking applications 0.1.8-1 MIT
oxide Launcher application 2.1.2~1 MIT


Name Description Version License
calculator Touch-based calculator 0.0.0-13 GPL-3.0-or-later


Name Description Version License
xochitl Read documents and take notes 0.0.0-3 Apache-2.0
wikipedia The free encyclopedia 0.1.0-2 MIT
ddvk-hacks Enhance Xochitl with additional features 17.04-1 MIT
koreader Ebook reader supporting PDF, DjVu, EPUB, FB2 and many more formats 2020.12-4 AGPL-3.0-or-later
plato Document reader 0.9.13-1 AGPL-3.0-or-later


Name Description Version License
restream Binary framebuffer capture tool for the reStream script 1.1-1 MIT
vnsee VNC client allowing you to use the device as a second screen 0.3.1-2 GPL-3.0-only


Name Description Version License
templatectl Tool to add/remove templates for xochitl 0.1.3-1 MIT
template-cartesian-graph Cartesian graph template 1.0.0-4 MIT


Name Description Version License
rmservewacominput Serve pen input on port 33333 0.3.0-1 MIT
toltec-bootstrap Toltec installation script 0.0.1-3 MIT
fbdepth Change rotation and bitdepth of the screen 1.23.1-3 GPL-3.0
fbink-doom Doom fire effect stress test 1.23.1-3 GPL-3.0
remarkable-splash Show splashscreens + remarkable-shutdown replacement that does not clear the screen 1.0-3 MIT
bufshot program for saving the framebuffer as a png 0.1.0-2 MIT
genie Gesture engine that connects commands to gestures 0.1.4-2 MIT
iago overlay for drawing shapes via stroke injection 0.1.0-1 MIT
lamp config based stroke injection utility 0.1.0-1 MIT
evtest Kernel evdev device information and monitor 1.34-2 GPL-2.0-only
micro Modern and intuitive terminal-based text editor 2.0.8-3 MIT
fret Take screenshots 2.1.2~1 MIT
decay Lockscreen application 2.1.2~1 MIT
wireguard Fast, modern, secure VPN tunnel 1.0.20201221-1 GPL-2.0
zshelf Z-Library browser and downloader 0.3.1-1 GPL-3.0


Name Description Version License
keywriter Markdown-enabled free writing app 0.1.0-1 MIT